Title: Behind the Closed Door

Author: Lystykds

Rated: G.

Pairings: None.


Meg opened her office door and peeked out. Her well-trained eyes searched the area for any wandering personnel in the area. She pulled back when she was sure the area was clear and then straightening her shoulders in her best RCMP form she exited her office with all the starchy poise that the rank as Inspector entitled her.

She moved stealthily through the Consulate, listening for noises as she moved through the nearly quiet building. Finally, she put a shaky hand on the doorknob of the buildings equipment room. She moved as if she had the right to be there, which she did. She looked back over her shoulder to make sure no one was there to see her. She heard soft muffled steps and sighed. Constable Fraser's wolf companion, Dief, trotted up to her and sat down to watch her hand on the doorknob.

"WERF." Wolf did his best wolf smile at her.

"No, this is my territory. Go in the kitchen, I think Constable Turnbull left some donuts in there this afternoon."

Without a backward glance the wolf moved off at top speed with his tail swinging high behind him. He disappeared around the corner of the hall quickly.

Meg took a deep breath and turned the doorknob letting herself into the room. She shut the door quickly behind her and raced over to the fax machine. Yes, it was there.  She smiled and grabbed the sheets out of the print holder. She quickly curled them into a tube and raced back to the door. She checked the hall again, then opened the door and made good her exit. She traversed the hall quickly and sighed with relief when she reached the inside sanctuary of her office. She turned the lock to prevent interference and moved over to her desk where she sank slowly into her chair.

She let the rolled papers down to her desk blotter and stared at them with quivering, dry lips. She wet her lips and picked up the phone. "They arrived. Yes, No one saw me. Thank you for this latest group." She hung up and disconnected her connection with the sender of the fax sheets. Her eyes widened as she put out a hand to hold the papers down and began to roll out the sheets with her other hand.

When the sheets were flattened suitably for reading, she leaned over, picked up her glasses and perched them on her nose. She read the fax sheet letterhead and smiled, and then she let her eyes drop lower.

Her expression lightened with laughter as she read the first page and continued quickly down the second. She laughed out loud on reading the third page. When she got the last line of the fax her laughter rang out in the room. She read the last line with satisfaction as she stilled her laughter.

"Officer Vecchio and Constable Fraser concluded another case in prime fashion and another Armani suit has been ruined. Yours, Lt. Welsh. Post Script...These two officers never cease to lighten my day. How about you?"

Turnbull walked up and sat down at the desk outside the Inspector's door. He heard the laughter coming from within the office and smiled. Then Turnbull shrugged his shoulders and returned to work.

Constable Fraser stopped by the desk on his way to his office and listened to the muffled laughing sounds coming from within the Inspectors Office. He tilted his head at Turnbull and asked, "The usual Turnbull?"

"Yes, sir. Right on time. 4 p.m. Friday, as usual."

Constable Fraser stood back, straightened his red serge and lanyard and began the long walk to his office. "Oh dear", he thought. "She must be reading another report from Lt. Welsh." He dropped his shoulders in resignation, put his hand on his office door and disappeared from Turnbull's view.

Turnbull went back to work after glancing down the hall after Fraser. "Yes, another week over." He thought. "I wonder what's in those reports." Try as he might, Turnbull had never found one of the reports in the Inspector's office. He could only conclude that she destroyed them; or, perhaps, she eats them.

I leave it to you, the reader, to imagine what scrape our guys got into that ruined another Armani.